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Present Anywhere

You worked so hard on your presentation, now make presenting a breeze! Tired of using cumbersome dongles, complicated device pairing, and short ranges? UPR can set up in seconds, has no limit on range, and uses Wi-Fi or Cellular for communication to your computer meaning no settings on your device need to be changed. Universal Presenter Remote is lighting fast, but can still control devices from around the world by leveraging the power of the cloud.


Universal Presenter Remote works on nearly every platform. Presentations can be run from a Windows or Mac computer, both of which support control of PowerPoint, Keynote, and web-based presentations like Prezi and Google Drive. Presentations can be be controlled from the same application on Mac and Windows, as well as universal applications on iOS and Android and a web-app for all other devices. All applications share an incredibly similar interface so switching devices is a snap.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Running UPR AppleWatch Running UPR

Easy as 1...2...3...


Download the control software

The control software is a lightweight application that runs in the background of the presenting computer. Simply put in your one-time presentation token and click connect.

Windows macOS


Download the remote

Control your presentations from any platform. The remote app will generate a your presentation token, simply enter it into the control software from step 1.

Download on the App Store

iOS and Apple Watch
Get it on Google Play


All Other Devices:

Control Online


  1. Open the control software on the presenting computer.
  2. Enter the token provided by the remote into the control software and click connect.
  3. The begin button should activate on the remote.
  4. Start your presentation as you normally would.
  5. UPR does the rest! Enjoy presenting with freedom. You can use the Next, Previous, and Media keys to navigate your presentation.